Sonic the Hedgehog 3
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The third Sonic game to hit the Megadrive/Genesis

Dr. Robotnik's "Death Egg" has lost its ability to fly after crash landing on Floating Island, and only the power of the Chaos Emeralds can repair his ship. To obtain these, he tricks their guardian Knuckles the Echidna convincing him that Sonic and Tails are really his enemies...


Game Objectives

Dodge badniks and raps set by Knuckles, collect Rings, and uncover Chaos Emeralds as you guide Sonic and his sidekick Tails through six different Zones on the trail of the deranged scientist Dr. Robotnik.


Items and Objects
Rings – By grabbing Rings, Sonic won't be hurt when attacked by an enemy. If Sonic is attacked when you don't have any Rings, you will lose one Life. Rings collected by Tails are also added to the total, which can later get you extra Lives and bonus points.
Star Posts – By touching a Starpost, your present score and time will be recorded. If you lose a life, you will return to the last Starpost you touched. Touch a Starpost with 50 Rings or more and you'll see a Star Circle spinning above it. Jump in to enter a Bonus Stage.


Special Items

Special Items will be withheld in a TV monitor. Smash open the TV monitors to get Special Items.


Super Ring – This has a picture of a Ring on the front; it earns you ten rings at once!

Flame Shield – Has a picture of flames on the screen; It protects from fire attacks. Pressing the Jump button twice enables you to attack!

Water Shield - Has a picture of a water drop on the screen; it not only allows Sonic to breathe underwater, it also allows you to bounce along like a ball!
Lightning Shield - Has a picture of a thunder bolt on the screen; Sonic becomes a Ring magnet, is protected against electric and energy attacks and can attack with a thunder attack!

Power Sneakers – Has a picture of one of Sonic's shoes on the screen; it helps you run supersonic fast!

1-Ups – The head of the character you are playing is on the screen; it gives you an extra life!

Invincible – Three stars are on the screen; it protects you from Badniks and spikes. Moving objects may still be harmful though.



Throughout the game, you receive points. Receiving points go towards getting an extra Life. You can get points by:

          Defeating enemies

          Defeating bosses

          The number of Rings you have at the end of the Act

          How fast you made it through the level (the faster you are, the more points you get)

          Hitting pop bumpers in the actual levels (not in the Secret Zone)

          Bonus icons



Angel Island Zone - The stage starts off lush and green, but about halfway through Act 1, an army of Fire Breath bots napalm the whole jungle. The remainder of Act 1 and all of Act 2 is set ablaze. At the end of Act 2, Eggman will try to bomb you by dropping missiles from the Flying Battery airship - just keep running forward to avoid the nukes!

Hydrocity Zone - Remember to keep collecting oxygen or water shields to keep your air supply as you explore the subterranean ruins of Angel Island. The end of the level sees Knuckles blowing a bridge out from beneath you, putting you face-to-face with Robotnik!

Marble Garden Zone - Many steep hills and obstacles are found in Marble Garden. Spin dash is a helpful asset in this level; use it to trigger earthquakes which'll help you procede.

Carnival Night Zone - Bored of the casino? Enjoy wandering through Carnival Night. Cannons launch Sonic or Taiks in any direction, roll down the peppermint slides. Knuckles will appear in Act 2 to knock the lights out, but it won't leave you hindered!

Ice Cap Zone - Hit the slopes with a snowboard before expoloring the giant glaciers. Spin dash once again is helpful for accessing further parts of the level.

Launch Base Zone - The Death Egg is almost ready to launch, its up to you to keep it down! Knuckles reappears and bombs you, but it won't stop you! Don't spend too long underwater in Act 2; there are no air bubbles!


Special Stage


 Every Act has a hidden room with a giant Ring. Leap into the Ring to enter the special stage. This is your chance to grab a Chaos Emerald. Grab the blue spheres and avoid the red. When you collect all the blue spheres, a Chaos Emerald appears. If you hit a red, you leave the stage without the Chaos Emerald.


Blue Sphere – Spheres coloured blue; tagging all of these gains you a Chaos Emerald. Once you've tagged a blue sphere, it'll become a red sphere, so it's best to avoid it after that.

Red Sphere – The spheres you must avoid; red spheres are more common than blue ones, and they'll expel you from the special stage without the Chaos Emerald if tagged.

Bumper Sphere – Touching one of these bounces you backwards. At high speeds, it can be a dangerous thing to touch, but handy sometimes.

Rings – Collecting fifty Rings earns you a Continue, collect all the Rings in the Special Stage to earn 50,000 point bonus. Each Ring is worth 100 points. Tagging the outer edge of a group of blue spheres turns the blue spheres in the group into Rings.

Chaos Emerald - What you came here for. Chaos Emeralds are powerful jewels which if all seven are collected, enables Sonic to transform into his Super form. Collecting all of the blue spheres wins you an Emerald.


Multiplayer Mode

Select 'Competition' on the Title Screen and you will enter the Competition Selection screen. Scroll up and down to select what you want to play. Select the character (Sonic, Tails or Knuckles) and get ready to play!

Grand Prix Mode - Race through all five Zones.
Match Race - Race in any single Zone.
Time Attack - Single-player practice mode.


Special Items are also receivable but you don’t know what they are until after you hit them. Special Items you can get in Multiplayer are:


Bonus Stage

To find the Bonus Stage, collect fifty or more Rings during an Act, touch a Starpost and then leap into the tiny stars that appear. In the Bonus Stage, grab several items such as 1-Ups, Special Items, and Rings by turning the crank on the Gumball Machine.


Play Tips

          Grab all the Rings you can. When you lose Rings, rush to get them before they disappear. Not only will this help keep you alive, but it will increase your chances of getting into the Bonus Stage.

          Watch traps carefully to see how they move. This shall improve your chances of avoiding them.

          Be prepared for underwater travel. Jump into giant air bubbles to breathe. If you stay in the water for too long, you will run out of air and lose a life. The water shield is also recommended for underwater travel.

          Look for secret areas. They may lead you to a giant Ring.

          Jump on levers, hang from vines, use the Spin Attack to find any hidden items

          Throughout the game, don't let Tails get stuck in passageways or traps. Have him activate Starposts or enter Special Stages as quickly as possible.

          Destroy enemies for bonus points!

          When Sonic is flashing don't let him travel too fast. Some traps take advantage of Sonic's speed.

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