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The blue hero of Mobius


Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
French Name: Sonique le Hérisson
German Name: Sonic das Hedgehog
Spanish Name: Sonic el Hedgehog
Nicknames: "The Blue Blur" (Archie comics), "The Fastest Thing Alive" (SatAM and Sega)

Age: 15/16

DOB: June 23rd
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog

Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) 
Likes: Speed, Adventure
Dislikes: Eggman, Waiting, Slowness, water, injustice, oppression


- His own speed is ability in its own right. He can run at the speed of sound

- He is fairly acrobatic, being so fast and all

- He can perform various attack techniques: Roll, Spin Attack, Spin Dash, Insta-Shied, Homing Attack, Super Peel Out, Lightspeed Dash, Sonic Wind, Time Stop
- He can use Chaos Control to warp time and space to teleport to safety
- He can become Super Sonic with the Chaos Emeralds and Hyper Sonic with the Super Emeralds
- He cannot become tired so easily

Weapons and Items:

- Lightspeed Shoes – Enables Sonic to perform the lightspeed dash

- Crystal Ring – Shortens time needed to gather Lightspeed power

- Ancient Light – Allows Sonic to perform the lightspeed attack

- Bounce Bracelet – Allows Sonic to reach new heights by bouncing

- Flame Ring – Strengthens Sonic’s somersault with added fire

- Magic Gloves – Traps a robot and enables Sonic to attack another, destroying two robots at once


- The Tornado – originally belonged to Sonic, not Tails, though Tails uses it more.

- The Cyclone – the car he used in the Chaos Grand Prix (Sonic Drift)

- He can’t swim, which is why he dislikes water/fears water

- He can sometimes rush into things without thinking




SEGA Sonic

Much like the wind, Sonic is unpredictable and never stays in one place for too long, much preferring to drift to various locations with his speed. Sonic is carefree, easy-going, laidback and always looking for a new adventure. He loves nothing more than to travel over the world and enjoy his precious freedom, which might explain why he appears to show no interest in dating. His attitude is just as unpredictable as his love for adventuring - he's sassy, he's quick-witted, he's a little bit cocky and always looks ahead of him, living without any regrets and enjoying life. Sonic tends to live by his own rules and not live by the standards set by others around him. Despite his generally laidback nature, he gets easily riled up at an injustice, oppression or the sadness of another person, which is when his heroic nature kicks in.


Sonic X

A hedgehog like no other, Sonic moves and thinks faster than lightning. Always on the look out for adventure, he never stays in one place too long. Sonic always keeps a level head, even in the hottest of situations but if pushed to the edge, he can change, surprising those closest to him with his intensity.

 When he started out, he was mouthy, overconfident, and incredibly impatient, but as the series progressed, Sonic developed into a more mature, yet quite temperamental teenage hero. Sonic is often viewed as a loner in this series, but he values his friends highly.


Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

He was raised by his Uncle Chuck until the day Robotnik took over, captured his Uncle Chuck and roboticized him. Then, Sally's Nanny Rosie became a guardian for him and all the Freedom Fighters. He lives in the secret location of Knothole in the Great Forest and is the leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Sonic is impatient, reckless, egotistical and occasionally gets a temper on him but he's a loyal and true friend to all. He is caring and kind-hearted and would do anything to help anyone, though maybe he needs a little convincing if that person is Antoine, whom he rivals with over Princess Sally's affections. Sonic is a bit dimmer in this series and shows his emotions quite a lot.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Known as the absolute hero through the entire cartoon, Sonic is one laid-back hedgehog that always finds himself getting into trouble where ever he goes. Always willing to do the job, Sonic comes up with what seems endless plans and tricks to play and the unsuspecting Grounder and Scratch, most of which involve dressing up, even as a girl on more than one occasion. Alone and with his only true friend Tails, Sonic is constantly racing around Mobius stopping Robotnik from harming the innocent and taking over Mobius. Sonic is constantly having fun while making Robotnik and his robots look like complete idiots in the eyes of the citizens of Mobius, which only make Sonic more of a hero.


Sonic Underground

Sonic was left on the doorstep of an ordinary couple who raised him as their son until the day they were roboticized when Sonic was approximately five years old. He ran off to live with his Uncle Chuck. He became a Freedom Fighter a year before the Oracle of Delphius told him who he was and about his siblings so he has connections amongst the Resistance. Sonic is indeed impatient, reckless and egotistical but he cares deeply about his brother and sister and would do anything to protect them if they were in danger. The oldest triplet, Sonic plays the guitar in the band.


Sonic Anime

The fastest being on the planet, Sonic is a bit serious, which shows up in his attitude, but still knows how (and likes) to relax. He's very confident in himself and makes sure he has some fun when he goes out to stop any plan by Eggman/Robotnik to take over.


Sonic Archie

The most famous hero on Mobius, Sonic is best known for his defeat of Robotnik Prime and his heroic actions preventing the Xorda from destroying Mobius and its solar system. Raised in Mobotropolis before Robotnik Prime's coup, Sonic was an average child except for his abnormal speed. Sonic lost his parents to the roboticizer and was taken in by his Uncle Chuck until he too was roboticized. During Robotnik Prime's coup Sonic and a few others were herded to Knothole Villiage by the Original Freedom fighters. It was from them that Sonic got the inspiration that would one day make him a hero. As Sonic developed his incredible speed, his attitude became legendary. Irreverent, confident, impatient and energetic, Sonic fought constantly to overthrow Robotnik Prime and continues the fight against his successor, Robotnik Mk II. Sonic finds himself as the object of affection for most of the women in this comic, currently Fiona Fox.


Sonic Fleetway

Sonic hates to stand still and will not rest until Dr Robotnik is defeated and Mobius is free. He is always keen to right wrongs and sticks by his friends – even when he grows impatient with them. He is undoubtedly the fastest creature in the universe, but he is also cheeky and irreverent. Some say that the Fleetway Sonic is rude and offensive, which is completely true. Sonic likes to assert himself as leader of the freedom fighters, but despite his attitude deep down he cares about his friends, no matter how rude he seems. Sonic leads the freedom fighters, but his hasty decision making often leads him into trouble which is why he really needs his friends around him. When he is really stressed or around Chaos Energy he can transform into Super Sonic for a short time, but he’s unable to control or remember his actions whilst in this state. Serious ego problems mask what is otherwise a fairly likable character who always does what he can to help. He doesn’t have much respect for anyone or anything, he likes to be right and loves to take the opportunity to prove himself. Sonic’s dedicated to the protection of Mobius no matter what, hard headed and determined if a little rude he’s here to stay…


Opinions on Sonic the Hedgehog


Swift says: "Now first off, I’d like to make it known that Sonic is my favourite character in the whole Sonic series and to me, there is no other character like him. So naturally I do find it bugs me when people hate/dislike him, because I don’t see how anyone can hate him, though I suppose they have their reasons. To state my point a little more clearly, Sonic was the guy who started the series. Without Sonic becoming such a success, there would be no Cream, no Amy, no Shadow, and no Knuckles. A lot of people don’t appreciate what Sonic has done for the series. Without Sonic, the characters that people like instead of him would probably not exist now. If Sonic’s first game had not been such a success, the only other character in the Sonic series would have been Robotnik. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people who hate Sonic are Shadow/Amy extremists that go by fanfiction where Sonic is OOCed into an abusive toerag who yells at Amy, gets overly obsessed with her when she starts liking someone else, and ends up committing suicide. Then there are a few people that hate Sonic because they think Shadow is better (like my younger brother). Now as a character, Sonic’s got a lot of spunk, and definitely is a character I find hard to hate. He’s cool; it’s hard to deny that. Plus there’s the fact that I can relate to him a lot. Sonic bottles his emotions up, and that’s something I tend to do a lot as well. Whenever things seem to be going bad for him, he slaps on that cocky smile and he doesn’t whine about how bad things are. He gets on with it. He finds ways around it. That makes him admirable to me. Sonic is a free spirit, much like me in some sense. He hates being held down by responsibilities, so I can relate to him there. Plus I would love to have speed like Sonic. He has a rare gift, and he uses it to help others. It isn’t his duty to be the hero; he chooses to be the hero. He chooses to put his life in danger to help others. He could always turn around and walk away, let Eggman take over the world, but he doesn’t. The fact that he chooses to help others and put his life in danger on a regular basis doesn’t make him selfish in any way at all. Sure, there are times when he acts selfish, but everyone has a bit of selfishness in them. It’s called your ‘id’ and Sonic is as entitled to one as much as everyone else is. If he doesn’t want to do something, he doesn’t have to. If he doesn't want to go out with Amy at the moment, he doesn't have to. It's the same as saying if you don't want to do something, you don't have to. So yeah... I can relate to Sonic quite a lot and I do like him a lot as a character. I hope he continues to thrive for many years to come."


Flash says: "He's been my fave from the start, despite the fact he can be a bit lairy he's a cool character."


Sweet Freak says: "Best. Male. Ever. And a total hottie."


Flyboy Fox says: "Oh goodness, he's just my most favourite character of all time. I have so much respect for him because he manages to pull off being witty, egotistical, cocky and smooth, without being annoying or sickening. I love the fact that even though he's vain, he's not selfish. He risks his life all the time to protect not only his friends, but also all of the people he doesn't even know. He doesn't HAVE to. Just because he has the incredible gift of super speed doesn't mean he has to put his life on the line with it to defend the world. Also, he doesn't let his big ego stop him from acknowledging the contributions his friends make, and he's very supportive of them. I have to say that personally I think Sonic X made him more of a loner and more angsty than the games have ever showed him to be (and also, I grew to know him via AoStH and SatAM), plus games manuals started to add that whole speil about him having a temper... which to me has never been evident - one of his defining traits is his laid-back nature. But my gripes with Sonic X are an entirely different matter. I love Sonic. And I also have quite a large crush on him. Yep. He's sexy. There's just something about him that captivates me."

Custard says: "What to say about the one we call the blue blur? Well, in case you can't tell (from my avatar and sig) I'm a huge Sonic fan. The guy is just so awesome. I never used to like him that much though, his cockiness somewhat annoyed me. Nowadays, he's up the top of my favourites list. Why? There's a few things I really respect about this guy. One main thing I love about him is he's able to keep his cool and not blow his top off (so to speak) when danger hits him in the face. I've always wished I could do that. Sonic's creation is also responsible for all the other characters. Yes, even Shadow wouldn't have been created if it weren't for the blue blur. Seems weird, doesn't it? Take Sonic outta the Sonic games and you might start to go "WTF?". I know I would..."


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