Rouge the Bat
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The sly, cunning bat

Name: Rouge
Age: 17

DOB: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Bat

Debut: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001) 
Likes: Jewels, treasure hunting, winning, having things her way
Dislikes: When she cannot obtain a certain jewel, when things don't go her way, and Amy annoys her on occasion.


- Rouge has a lot of strength in her kick attacks; she could break through a metal wall with her feet, meaning her strength is almost equal to that of Knuckles'.

- Being a bat, Rouge has the ability of flight.

- Rouge is a pretty good climber, no matter what material the wall is.

- Rouge is an experienced swimmer.
- She can dig into the ground with her boots.

- Due to the rings on his wrists, he can regain energy easily in a battle

Weapons and Items:

- Air Shoes – Enables Shadow to perform Light Dash

- Ancient Light – Enables Shadow to perform the Light Attack

- Flame Ring – Strengthens Shadow’s somersault with added fire






SEGA Sonic:

Sonic Heroes: Created by the renowned scientist Professor Gerald at the peak of his career, this black hedgehog is the dark incarnation of Sonic, matching him in both speed and abilities. Shadow never ages, and can use a technique known as “Chaos Control” to distort time and space using the Chaos Emeralds. Since his fall at Space Colony ARK (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle), he was presumed dead, but has since been discovered by Rouge, alive and in suspended animation at Eggman’s base. He now suffers from amnesia and has no memory of events prior to his release.


Shadow the Hedgehog: The black hedgehog that resembles Sonic. With his powerful body, he can easily rival Sonic’s world class speed. Shadow was created as the ultimate life form by Professor Gerald Robotnik. Everything else about Shadow’s past is a mystery. After risking his life to save the planet with Sonic, he suffers from amnesia, having no memories of his past.

Sonic X

Shadow first appeared in episode 33 and was instantly believed to be Sonic... he looks VERY similar to Sonic and the fact that no one knew he existed made committing crimes very easy as people thought Sonic was committing them! Shadow is very strong, and always manages to keep on top of his opponent in battle. Sonic is perhaps his greatest rival in existence. Though his crimes made him seem like an evil person, Shadow is actually fairly emotional, confused and hungry for revenge. He had suffered a horrendous past on Space Colony ARK fifty years before where his only friend Maria died to save him from G.U.N. Shadow's creator, Professor Gerald, went into a rage over his granddaughter Maria's death and he wished for revenge against the whole world. Shadow wasted no time in carrying out his creator's wish. Shadow eventually remembered the promise he made to Maria, to protect earth and Shadow helped Sonic defeat the Biolizard. Shadow was believed to have died that day but he reappeared in season 3.
 He had befriended a girl called Molly who died not long after and Shadow tried to kill Cosmo believing her to be a spy for the Meterex. Shadow is a good guy, and isn't on anyone's side but his own.

Sonic Archie

 Shadow may be the most dangerous being on Mobius. Not only is he very powerful, but he is also very unpredictable. Shadow does not take a side in the war between the Kingdom of Knothole and the Eggman Empire. While he despises Eggman completely, he also detests Sonic and his allies. As a result, he is a wild card who could end up on whatever side suits him best. The side that usually suits him best is the one that will assist him with answers about his mysterious origins. His creation by Professor Gerald, his friendship with Gerald's granddaughter Maria, and the purpose of his existence are all hazy in his memory and he feels a need for answers.


Sonic Fleetway

A dark and sinister hedgehog created from Chaos Energy millennia ago and given shape from Sonic's DNA. Shadow has complete control over Chaos Energy and a psychotic devotion to Robotnik's will, making him a formidable foe. He's already destroyed the Special Zone, and Mobius is next.

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