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Shadow with a fan character? Why?

Why do people support Shadow/Fan Character?


Swift says: "I used to be very torn between Sonic/CJ and Shadow/CJ. If you like relationships which have a lot of things in common, then Shadow/CJ is great. I have asked some friends who they think CJ would be better with. Some answered Sonic, some answered Shadow. So that’s why I started liking CJ with Shadow as well as liking her with Sonic. They both have had rather horrible pasts, what with Shadow losing Maria and CJ losing her parents. They both are haunted by their pasts, and both are rather anti-social in that respect, with pretty fiery personalities to go with it. They’d probably be able to confide in each other about their worries. CJ is also a girl who never gives up and has some traits which are similar to Sonic’s, which Shadow admires, but it also annoys him at times. The thing about CJ is she isn’t defenceless and she isn’t all-powerful. She’s just who she is, and that’s something that, in one of my planned fics, Shadow admires a lot about her. The only thing that winds Shadow up with CJ, is that she admires Sonic a lot too, so Shadow gets annoyed with that sometimes, considering Sonic's entrance means big to him and vice versa. Though personally I prefer Sonic/CJ."

Angelwolf says: "The reason I support my couple is because I thought Shadow needed a girlfriend. Sonic and Amy could always end up together. Knuckles and Rouge, Cream and Tails, but what about Shadow? Poor Shadow didn't get flirted with anybody! So Shadey came alive! I decided to make her a female version of Shadow. Mind you I didn't know much on creating a well-rounded character. Then I had to make a reason why she looks so much like Shadow. So I decided the most technical answer was that Gerald made her. "


Chaogirl says: "Shadow/Christina (So you won't get confused by Chris Thorndyke). I support this couple because my character acts like Maria but can defend and take care of herself if the need arises. Shadow would get his Maria back but he wouldn't need to worry about her all the time. Chris helped Shadow when he fell and in return he helped her when she used too much power. Chris would try to help stop GUN if they go after Shadow again. Shadow could help Sonic and the others protect Chris from Eggman even though she doesn't want protection anymore."

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