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Amy with a fan character? Why?

Why do people support Amy/Fan Character?


Swift says: "My friend Flash has a fan character called Ant the Titch (typical). When he started the CJ/Sonic trend, originally intending it to be a joke, I joked back about Ant/Amy, and then I started liking it for real, much like my issue with CJ/Sonic. Amy might get a bit creeped out by Ant at first, considering Ant is an insect, though once she gets to know him, I think they would become great friends, and possibly more. Ant is also quite playful and friendly, so Amy would easily be attached to him. Bit strange too, considering Ant looks a lot like a geek (Sorry Ant, but you know it's true) and it's very different to what you normally see Amy with. Plus, they're not far apart in age (Ant's only two years younger than Amy) so they'd have to be a bit older, because Amy might view Ant as a child, and may still harbour feelings for Sonikku. Anyway, it's completely fan, my friend hasn't even paired them up yet, nor has he hinted it to me (He also likes Sonamy and Shadamy)."


Iesha says: "Amy/Kapu - Kapu is also another character of mine. Both of them are strong and kind too. Also, Kapu did have a little crush on her, even though he likes to flirt around with girls. But Amy can bring out the good in him and he can make her feel better too."

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