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Knuckles with a fan character? Why?

Why do you support Knuckles/Fan Character?


Swift says: "Simone belongs to my best friend Flash. Simone is a very big-mouthed hard nut squirrel who loves beating people at anything. She hates it when she's beaten and she likes to show off. This does mean she doesn't have many friends as most people think of her as a cow. She is well known but well disliked! So why pit her with Knuckles? Heavy opposites-attract. She shows off and Knuckles doesn't really like show-offs. Simone is a hard nut with a big mouth, Knuckles is similar, but in a different way. Knuckles also hates being beaten, but unlike Simone, he can admit it. Yet somehow they click. Knuckles could protect Simone should she need it, and Simone could get Knuckles to lighten up. And Simone being unpopular might appeal to Knuckles more than someone popular. He is anti-social and shy, remember. Good match, but also a bad match at the same time. Ant pulled this one off well, even though he hasn't paired them yet, he did tell me he planned to in an upcoming fic."


Iesha says: "Knuckles/Iesha- Both of them are protectors and they know how each other feel when they are alone. Both of them can keep each other company. Also Iesha knows how Knuckles feels when he is alone. Knuckles/Cosmic - I like Knuckles/Cosmic. She is CosmicAngel84’s character. She really loves him from being kind and strong. Also when I first met her, her character sound perfect for Knuckles. They are also red and Cosmic has a huge crush on Knuckles."

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