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Tails and your fan character. Why?

Why do you support Tails/Fan Character?


Swift says: "Before I supported Tails/Cosmo I supported Tails/Cream and before I even supported that I paired Tails up with my fan character, Vixen. Vixen is a hot red one-tailed fox, usually dressed in burgundy with a fiesty attitude. True, she and Tails didn't get off to a good start when the first met. Vixen accused Tails of being 'careless' and 'impatient' (Tails wasn't really looking where he was going and bumped into Vixen). It didn't last long though, as the two kept bumping into each other and after a while, they both got used to it. Tails then got up the guts to ask Vixen out, who shockingly accepted. They used that time together to spy on Sonic and Amy's first date, as well as enjoy some time together too. Vixen's hot personality is toned down by Tails, whereas Vixen helps Tails gain more confidence in himself so they balance each other out. It didn't last, because eventually I became so pro-Tails/Cream I ended up killing Vixen off... but still I kept Tails' feelings for her intact. These days I prefer Cream to be with Charmy, so I grew to like this pairing once more. I might (I'm not saying I will) write a one-off fic where Tails hooks up with Vixen a few years after Cosmo dies. Keep your eyes peeled for it!"

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