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Sonic and your fan character? As a couple? Why? Explain all here.

Why do we support Sonic/Fan Character?


Swift says: "For those who believe in opposites-attract, then this pairing is a pretty good one me thinks. Because CJ the Cheetah and Sonic the Hedgehog are quite opposite indeed! She's shy, he's not, so he could help her open up. CJ doesn't really count on others to help her, Sonic always does, so he could help her learn to rely on others. Also, in my universe, CJ happens to have a small crush on Sonic and look up to him. Before she ended up being single, she did have interest in Sonic, though his feelings for her were mixed. A big 'what-if' because if Sonic DID end up with CJ, then SJ, Lily, Swift and Breezy would never have been born. In some ways, this is like a Sonic/Blaze relationship, and I definitely find it more preferrable than Sonic/Blaze for definate. They respect each other too, and respect is a good thing for a relationship. They do have some things in common; both rival with Knuckles (CJ doesn't think much of Knuckles and always ends up in an argument with him at some point), and both have a 'never give up' attitude. Although I am a fan of Sonic/OC, I could never prefer this over any of the other more official couples and I could especially never prefer this over Sonic/Amy."

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