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Fanfiction will be on this page for any pairing

If you wish to submit fanfiction, you must follow these rules:
1. Being a couple site, all pairings are accepted. I accept fics that does have pairings in it, whether it be one-shot or ongoing. I do make exceptions for non-pairing fics; they go onto the non-romance page.

2. No character/couple bashing in any fics. If it's too major, I definitely won't allow it. For example, if you have a Tails/Cream fanfic that bashes Cosmo or Tails/Cosmo, I won't put it on the site.

3. Fics set in the future with lovechildren are allowed but if there's no hints of romance, it'll go in the non-romance section.

4. If a fic is rated highly, features nudity, sex and/or a lot of gore, we might add it, but it must come with a warning. Same with language. If there is too much language, it must come with a warning. However, if I feel that it's too hardcore, I will not add it to the site.

5. Yaoi and yuri is definitely accepted. Being a site that supports all pairings, yaoi and yuri is no problem at all. I must warn you though that yaoi/yuri fics are most likely not going to have a low rating so click at your own risk. ^^

6. Make sure your grammar and spelling is not abused. If you have a lot of grammar/spelling errors in your fanfic, I will not allow it on the site.

7. Try not to OOC characters too much. For example if you want to post a Shadow/Amy fic on the site where Sonic is a complete jerk in it, I won't post it because it's too OOC for him. Mild and lovey-dovery OOC-ness fics are okay.
Enjoy writing!

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