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You may watch videos from the Sonic games/shows here or download them.

Heroes Story 4: Knuckles vs. Storm

Heroes Story 5: Jet's Jibing

Heroes Story 6: Sand Ruins

Heroes Stories 7, 8 & 9: Babylon Garden

Heroes Story 10: Ending


Babylons Story 1: Meeting Eggman

Babylons Story 2: Wave's Scheme

Babylons Story 3: A Task for Storm

Babylons Story 4: Will Wave Ever Stop Nagging?

Babylons Story 5: Eggman's True Intentions

Babylons Story 6: Robot Chase

Babylons Story 7: Enter the Genie

Babylons Story 8 & 9: The Babylon Treasure


Character Levels


Super Sonic in Metal City

Shadow in Sky Road

Nights in White Cave

Nights in Digital Dimension

Rouge in Red Canyon

Ulala in Babylon Garden

Nights in Metal City


Shadow the Hedgehog


Purely Hero: Hero Ending

Purely Hero: Dark Ending

Slightly Hero: Hero Ending

Slightly Hero: Dark Ending

Neutral: Hero Ending

Neutral: Dark Ending

Slightly Dark: Hero Ending

Slightly Dark: Dark Ending

Purely Dark: Hero Ending

Purely Dark: Dark Ending

Last Story Ending


Credit for these goes to SaikyoMog.


Sonic Rush


Sonic's Ending

Blaze's Ending

Super Form Transformations

The Final Ending


Credit for these goes to Gomuruffy.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle:

Knuckles' Theme: Unknown from M.E

Amy's Theme: My Sweet Passion

Big's Theme: Lazy Days

Waking Up

All Hail Shadow

The Chosen One

Never Turn Back

E.G.G.M.A.N Remix

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