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Which Cosmo yuri couples are most supported?

Why do people like these couples?


Swift says: "I support three Cosmo yuri couples; Cosmo/Amy, Cosmo/Cream and Cosmo/Blaze. For Cosmo/Amy, I just like this one for its cuteness factor. I mean, when they first met, Amy didn’t really think much of her; because she felt threatened (she was slightly wary in that she thought Cosmo might be looking for Sonic to date him). Once it was revealed that Cosmo had no romantic love interest in Sonic, but wanted him to help her save the galaxy, Amy and Cosmo became quite good friends. They didn’t have a lot of interaction, but it is quite well-known, especially after episode 58, that Amy admires how Cosmo never gave up on retrieving the Planet Eggs. They both have a determination (Amy never gives up on trying to win Sonic’s heart, and Cosmo never gives up on saving Planet Eggs), and they admire each other’s determination. Plus, if ever they needed to talk to someone about their love problems, they could always go to each other, as they both are in love (Amy to Sonic and Cosmo to Tails), and both could learn more about each other through that.
For Cream/Cosmo, it could only happen in the Sonic X universe. Upon reading Flash's fic on ff.net, which was a love triangle between Tails, Cosmo and Cream, it ended up Cream/Cosmo, which actually shocked me. Since then, I've supported it. Cosmo and Cream have a lot of interaction, less than Tails and Cosmo but more than Amy and Cosmo (another two pairings I support XD). I see this as a yuri Tails/Cosmo. Because Cosmo and Cream are so similar in personality, they'd go well together. I'm not totally for opposites-attract, I do also go for many 'similarity' pairings. They both hate fighting, care for their friends, and from what it looked like in episode 69, both like chao. There's also the fact that, in polls everywhere it has been proven, that Cosmo and Cream are the top two love interests for Tails. Plus there's the fact that Cosmo lost her family, she may need some security in that sense, and someone to love her. Cream could be the type to supply her with that.
Finally, Cosmo/Blaze. Sure it sounds absolutely random, and I'll admit it is. How I came to support it was random as well (a quiz) but something about it just screams cute. In a sense, on their arrivals in the fandom, they both ended up resulting in couple wars (Sonamy vs. Sonlaze and Taismo vs. Taiream) which is a bit of a coincidence. I don't like to think of it as a filler of any sorts; as I said, I like it for it's cuteness and it's randomness."


Flash says: "Cosmo/Amy: There has been quite a discussion on this yuri pair, they do get on and they do like each other and they could understand each other.

Cream/Cosmo: My favourite pairing. They both hate fighting, care for their friends. They would care for each other and Cream would give Cosmo the security she needs."

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