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The pink hedgehog and the sly bat

Why do people like this pairing?


Swift says: "Amy/Rouge was the first yuri pairing I was exposed to though these days I don't like it as much as I used to. I could always see Rouge and Amy misunderstanding each other and not knowing the real person within each other, probably part of the reason they're rivals. But if they took the time out, they could get to know each other and see the real person within each other, thus becoming friends, and possibly falling in love. Yeah, this couple is an interesting one, and I like it a lot. I was exposed to this pairing via fanfiction, and at first I was a bit closed-minded, so I naturally told myself 'that wouldn't work, Amy loves Sonic, not Rouge and they're both girls'. I wasn't much for yaoi and yuri back then, but it somehow grew on me and became my favourite yuri pairing. Though these days Amy/Blaze is my top favourite yuri pairing."


XAmethystReiX says:  "I see nothing wrong with it, outside the context of canon and IC traits, however, the contrast between sexy Rouge and naive Amy are very interesting and I've thought about this pairing before, yet never truly analysed it's potential. Rouge would be like a protector, a seme to Amy's uke, in a sense. Amy could easily level Rouge out and together actually gain some normality into their lives... It could be wishful thinking, but Rouge and Amy seem to be a balanced pair.  Wow, that was long-ish."

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