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The blue hedgehog and the clever foxboy

Why do people like this pairing?


Swift says: "I like this couple friendship-wise and romantic-wise. Tails looks up to Sonic, as a big brother or a best friend. Sonic relies on Tails and admires his skills. They protect each other through thick and thin. I even wrote a fic about Sonic/Tails, which was quite depressing, considering it was set not long after Cosmo died and Tails couldn't let go of his feelings for her. So overall, this pairing is my second favourite yaoi pairing (my top favourite yaoi pairing is Knuckles/Sonic)."


Flash says: "I used to think this was a stupid pairing. However I changed my mind when I read Lily's Sails fic. It made me see the couple in a new way so now I support this couple. They have been together since the beginning (near enough)."


Joe and Izzy says: "Sonic and Tails always had a close relationship. Sonic supported Tails and raised him, and I would be surprised if Tails forgot all about that! They both admire each other. Tails is protective of Sonic, and Sonic is protective of Tails. Before Amy was there, Sonic had Tails. So yes, I like this pairing."

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