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The blue hedgehog and the young boy


  • Chris saves Sonic from drowning, and the two develop an instant bond (1)
  • When Sonic appears to have been killed, Chris is the most emotionally distraught. He breaks from his restraints and grabs the Chaos Emeralds, holding them close and saying that Sonic will be with him forever. Later, when he and Super Sonic are in the void of Chaos Control, they are forced to separate (26)
  • When Chris learns that Sonic needs to return to his world, his heart breaks and he feels it's Eggman behind the plan, and begs him not to do it. However, Eggman tells him that despite wanting to stay, they will need to leave, or the two worlds will always be in turmoil. (49)
  • 18-year old Chris remembers his final moments with Sonic. Tears came from his eyes as he thanked Sonic for putting up with his selfishness. As the flashback drew near its end, Chris felt a splash on his face, opening his eyes to see Sonic crying. Tears fill his eyes and he screams out Sonic's name. (52)
  • After spending 6 years, Chris finally finishes his machine which sends him to the other world. The first word he says upon returning is "Sonikku." (53)
  • Chris is heartbroken to return home, but seeing Sonic see him off brings tears to his eyes. His voice cracks when he says Sonic's name. It's all too obvious that the boy truly cares about his hedgehog friend (78)

Why do people like this pairing?


Swift says: "I'm more for Chris/Helen and Sonic/Amy but I do think they could work out quite well, considering Chris is quite lonely and needs a friend, and Sonic is that friend who is always there for Chris when he needs him. Chris obviously cares about what Sonic thinks, if he didn't then he would've abducted him and not cared about Sonic on the whole, or he wouldn't have cared so much about Sonic leaving. Chris considers Sonic important to him, that's why he strived hard to travel to his world; because he knew somehow that Sonic was in danger. Chris isn't the type to sit back and let his best friend get beaten up. Though he's more mature now, and ready to take on the world standing on his own two feet, deep down a part of him will always need his best friend. Hey, if it weren't for Sonic, Chris wouldn't have become half the man he is today!"

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