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The robot from Sonic Battle with which male?

Why do people support these couples?


Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "Emerl/Knuckles - Yeah I know, they didn't exactly get on well at times. Opposites-attract. Emerl can be really cheeky at times and that annoys Knuckles, so they fight. I love pairings with rivalries. Their rivalry was really minor though, it only happened in that one game. Deep down though, Knuckles does like the sweet little rustbucket *pats Emerl* Emerl/Shadow - Both were, in some sense, creations of Gerald. Both have known misery and sadness. Even though Shadow originally set out to destroy Emerl, he eventually 'befriended' him in a weird way. Difference is: Shadow doesn't like expressing his emotions, yet Emerl will always express his emotions and speaks his mind > opposites attract there because Emerl is quite happy and Shads isn't. Emerl/Sonic - *SWEET RANDOMNESS!* I only support this in the games though. Sonic was Emerl's Master, the one Emerl established a link with. Sonic showed Emerl how to live for himself, how to protect others, and Sonic was actually protective over Emerl. It's things like this that makes me think that Sonic would be a great parent to his kid when he's older, because look at how well Emerl came out! Plus, Emerl and Sonic are strong best friends in Battle, that helps."

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